Film and TV Production

Student work

Commercial for Film & TV Production

Commercial for bachelor in Film and TV Production, Nord University 2020. Made by 3. year students in 2020.

Teaser for Somnium

Teaser for the final student production Somnium

I don´t care if you´re beautiful

Music video made as Bachelor production by 3rd year students.
Artist: Silje Karlsen

control room


With market conditions changing rapidly, our bachelor program prepares you for a professional career through employment in existing production companies, or the creation of your own start-ups. Opportunities to develop a network of professional contacts (internship), build a portfolio of your work, and create “student companies” will help you prepare for life after graduation.


We have a team with a mix of backgrounds. From many years inside the international Film and TV industry to younger innovative people. Our team also has a mix of production oriented experience, business developement and academic backgrounds.